Meeting Manager

Meetings & assemblies, easier than ever

Discover the online voting solution designed specifically to make your meetings, assemblies and decision-making processes efficient and effective.
Manage every meeting process, from organizing the agenda to casting votes and viewing results, with just a few clicks on any internet-connected device, either remotely or on site.


Streamline meetings and assemblies with ease


Organize your agenda in minutes, manage it in real time

  • Creating agenda items requires no software installation and is as simple as filling out a form.

  • Agenda items can be opened and closed for voting with a single click and can be updated and edited during the meeting.

  • Voting participation can be tracked in real time, and results can be displayed graphically immediately after an item closes.


Versatile software that adapts to your needs

  • Organize and run meetings and assemblies of any size and any complexity.

  • Implement weighted voting and proxy voting as needed.

  • Integrate the online platform with your preferred video conferencing tool.


All backed by experts with proven experience

  • Our team has worked with private sector organizations, institutions and governments around the world for over 20 years.

  • Advanced online voting security knowledge applied to your meetings and assemblies.

  • Dedicated experts who will manage the solution for you, or provide the training you need to manage the tool independently.


Every meeting is different, our team will help you with yours


All the features you need for streamlined meetings & assemblies

Meeting Manager comes equipped with advanced features for organizing and participating in your meetings and assemblies remotely and securely.
Member authentication

Members and attendees obtain their logins and passwords to access the meeting portal after completing a secure two-step authentication process.

Agenda customization

Each agenda item can contain multiple questions, can be updated during the meeting, and can be duplicated for maximum efficiency.

Multiple question formats

Various question formats, including single selection, free text, and preferential selection, allow you to obtain the information you need.

Weighted and proxy voting

Members and attendees can be assigned weighted votes prior to the meeting, and can assign proxy votes to eligible delegates.

Voting receipts

Members and attendees can choose to receive a voting receipt to verify that their vote has been correctly included in the final results.

Cutting-edge security

The solution is equipped with advanced encryption technology to preserve trust and transparency during each meeting.


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