Video New South Wales Secure and Accessible Online Voting

iVote Secure and Accessible Online Voting in the 2015 New South Wales State Elections

New South Wales iVote led the way in secure and accessible online voting adoption and in partnership with Scytl and has set the standard for the world’s largest and most successful innovative internet voting implementation.

Insight and testimonials from Australian citizens on the use of the accessible, secure, private and verifiable online voting channel for persons with disabilities and remote voters:

  • “It’s far easier than paper voting could ever be for me. It actually means that I can independently vote and be certain that I have voted for the person who I intended to vote for.”
  • “For me online voting means independence, it means being sure that my voice has been heard, that my vote counted.”
  • “I was very impressed with the organization and their commitment, from the CEO all the way down. I would say anybody who is looking for an organization that will put their heart and soul and all the necessary resources to make the project successful, Scytl for us achieved that.”