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Secure online voting, ready when you are

Discover the quick, easy and cost-effective online voting platform that comes ready-to-use with all the necessary features for your next online election.
Simplify your elections and allow voters to participate from any device, anywhere in the world. As easy as planning, voting and counting, elections come together in no time, and results are available instantly.


Quick, Easy & Cost-Effective Online Voting


Elections from start to finish, faster than ever before

  • Planning your election is as simple as filling in a form with the relevant information, like candidate names and voting times.

  • Managing each process, from the opening of the election to the final ballot decryption, is done remotely and online.

  • Tallying the final results occurs automatically once the election is over.


A user-friendly platform for election organizers and voters alike

  • The easy-to-use interface requires no advanced technical knowledge for election configuration.

  • Participation from any location and on personal devices makes the voting process accessible to everyone.

  • Confirmation receipts assure voters that their ballot was cast correctly.


Designed to meet your needs and your budget

  • The off-the-shelf platform is ready to use with no additional configuration costs.

  • Fewer staffing needs and paper-related costs result in greater overall cost-reduction.

  • The platform is equipped with all the security needs to protect voter privacy and election integrity.


No matter the size of your election, our team will be with you every step of the way


All the features necessary for secure and efficient elections

Secure credential delivery

Voters obtain their login and password to access the voting portal after completing a secure two-step authentication process.

Vote encryption

Every digital ballot is encrypted in the voter’s device so that no one can tamper with it before it reaches the ballot box.

Multi-Device Capabilities

Voters can cast their ballots from any device connected to the internet, including smartphones, computers and tablets.

Verification receipts

Voters obtain an anonymized confirmation code that will allow them to verify that their vote was actually counted in the final tally.

Immediate Results

Results can be tabulated in just minutes, and are published graphically for easy visualization and interpretation.

Customizable user interface

The voting portal can be tailored to your organization’s identity, including your logo and colors.


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