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I am a Corporation

Companies and corporations often hold regular elections, like those for a Board of Directors or a works council. Online voting reduces the time spent managing these elections and tallying their results, cuts down on election-related costs, and reduces your carbon footprint with every vote. Online voting can also be used to complete employee surveys, and can be integrated into your Annual General Meeting.


I am an Association

Associations may have members in different locations, and it can be difficult for them all to attend annual meetings, elections, or in-person votes and decision-making processes. An online voting channel can ensure that your members are able to participate in elections no matter where they are, directly from their own devices, either remotely or in person. This not only helps to increase participation, but also reduces costs related to printing and mailing election materials.


I am a University

Universities hold a variety of elections that rely on the participation of students, faculty and staff, depending on election type. Implementing an online voting solution makes organizing and managing these different elections simple and efficient, and the innovative technology encourages participation, particularly among tech-minded generations.


I am a Political Party

Political parties rely on strong member participation in elections and consultations. Offering an accessible and innovative voting option with online voting technology can help increase voter engagement whether you are electing committee chairs or party officers. The online channel also guarantees that party members can participate from anywhere in the world, directly from their personal devices.


I am a Union

Unions may have complex governance structures, with representatives, officials and executives at various levels. With an online voting solution in place, planning elections for each of these positions is simplified into a few easy steps. An online channel offers eligible members the chance to participate from any location, and also comes equipped to handle weighted voting and elections with multiple ballots.


I am a Government

Government elections require security, transparency, and accessibility. With Scytl’s online voting technology, all online ballots are protected with end-to-end encryption and verifiability, making it impossible to manipulate them or to impersonate a voter. Immutable logs document every process for auditing, similar to a private blockchain, and the online voting platform is accessible to all eligible voters, including those with disabilities and those living remotely.