Participation Platform

Helping you make decisions,with insight from those who count

Discover the online participation and engagement solution that connects citizens and public institutions in order to make decisions with the community in mind.
A secure online participation tool that facilitates constructive dialogue between public administration and citizens to help inform and make decisions that are trusted and transparent.


Increased engagement for effective decision-making


Participation made easy so everyone can have a voice

  • Platform equipped with community spaces so citizens interact with one another.

  • Citizens can interact with government proposals, commenting on and supporting them with likes.

  • Anyone can access the platform from any internet-connected device and using any necessary adaptive equipment.


Make informed decisions to address the community’s needs

  • Gather input from citizens and community members on government proposals that relate to them.

  • Receive proposals from citizens themselves to collect ideas from within the community.

  • Conduct surveys, anonymously if necessary, to understand citizens’ opinions on certain matters.


Each and every decision, trusted and transparent

  • Decisions are ultimately seen with greater legitimacy, thanks to community support.

  • A dashboard can be configured, allowing citizens to monitor progress on the carry-out of proposals and projects.

  • A document repository easily consolidates any important information, making it easily accessible to citizens.


Our team is here to help so you can focus on making decisions that count


Civic participation in just a few easy steps


Work with our team to configure the platform to your look and feel, and upload new topics by simply filling in the relevant information and uploading related content like documents or images.


Once a topic is open for engagement, citizens can easily access the platform and share feedback and perspectives. They can also utilize the community space to interact with other citizens.


Make final decisions after weighing the community input. You can also offer a dashboard within the platform where citizens can monitor the progress of particular projects.


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