Poll Worker Management

Improve the productivity of the electoral authorities by optimizing each stage of the recruitment, training and election staff management process.

The recruitment of election officials is one of the most difficult tasks that electoral authorities must perform: Election staff must be recruited, trained, assigned and loyal to hold elections successfully. Scytl Poll Worker Management improves the productivity of the electoral authorities by optimizing each step of the management process, and integrates with our electoral training tool to increase the quality and efficiency of election staff management.

This halves the time spent recruiting and integrating a key resource into the management of an election: the election staff.

Comment Fonctionne Poll Worker Management

Recrutement Prévisionnel et Efficace

Estimated requirements for staff recruitment by location and position.

Formation et Planification

Centralized management of training needs and intelligent planning based on forecast estimates for optimized assignment of election officers.

Coordination du Personnel et Évaluation

Real-time management of election staff activities from a single interface and full access to all election officer details (payroll management, performance checks, etc.)



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