Online Voting

Online voting increases your vote, and you meet the highest standards of security, audit and integrity.

Scytl Online Voting allows them to vote in a secure and easy way from a stable Internet connection (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.). to meet the needs of geographically remote electors and voters with disabilities.

Voter anonymity, election integrity, end-to-end security, vote accuracy and full verification are guaranteed by protocols. Scytl’s Internet voting solution also offers an individual check feature, allowing voters to verify their voting has been duly recorded and counted as expected. In addition to additional accessibility and security, operational efficiencies can significantly reduce costs and achieve more accurate results in less time.

Scytl has developed Invote , a secure Internet voting solution for members of these organizations. Invote simplifies voting management and allows you to participate in an Internet connection, making it easier to participate and more transparent.

Comment Fonctionne Online Voting

Vote à Partir de Quelconque Dispositif ou Endroit

Once authenticated, vote to vote and vote confidentiality.

Comptabilisation et Vérification du Bulletin de Vote

Without decrypting the votes, the voting servers check their validity. The integrity of the nerd is verified through « bulletin boards », digital signatures and cryptographic secret keys.

Récépissés de Vote

A voting receipt is issued to the elector informing him that he has been duly registered by the system.



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