Electronic Poll Book

Allows the electoral authorities to speed up the identification and registration of voters. In addition, it offers a complete constituency management system that allows you to view in real time everything that happens in each polling station.

Scytl Electronic Poll Book is an innovative solution that not only identifies, updates and updates the status of the pollsters, but also to control and visualize in real time all activities related to the management of polling stations from a customizable dashboard.

Scytl Electronic Poll Book is ideally suited to traditional polling stations and super constituencies as found in the United States, both on polling day and early voting.

Comment Fonctionne Electronic Poll Books

Définition et Saisie des Données

This tool enables election officials to be more effective and more secure in the future.

Gestion et Mises à Jour de la Liste des Électeurs

This tool enables polling station staff to update vote information and synchronize and manage enrollment lists efficiently and securely.

Tableaux de Bord

This tool provides complete visibility of a customizable dashboard and instant generation of advanced reports and analytics.



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