Electronic Ballot Delivery

Allowing voters to reside and return their ballots electronically and securely encourages their participation, and reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of the electoral process.

Scytl Electronic Ballot Delivery . These newsletters can be printed or filled out by post, fax or e-mail. Bulletins can be made to make sure that they will make their invalid bots. Users also have the option to print their ballots and fill them out manually. The industry’s leading security and integrity protocols are in place to never compromise the confidentiality of voting choices and the integrity of elections.

Voters are able to track the status of their ballots through personalized voting receipts.

Comment Fonctionne Electronic Ballot Delivery

Demande de Vote à Distance

Voters submit their application through a secure website. Election officers approve or reject the application and ensure that they are submitted by each elector.

Envoi Sécurisé du Bulletin de Vote Vierge

Secure transmission of blank newsletters electronically through encrypted channels or postal mail.

Retour Sécurisé du Bulletin de Vote

Voters receive, print and fill out the ballot or directly fill in their ballot on the screen and return it online, by fax or by post.



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