Election Training

It is a customizable online training solution that delivers interactive, engaging and effective instruction.

Scytl Election Training enables the training of employees to be trained with the help of Internet-connected device.

The planning and organization of the training of electoral staff, given its geographical dispersion, is one of the most important challenges faced by the electoral authorities. This implies not only managing very short deadlines but also high costs for printing and distributing training materials.

Scytl Election Training. required by each election.

Comment Fonctionne Election Training

Évaluation des Besoins et Création de la Formation

Analysis and assessment of needs to determine the training objectives, and to define the totality of the contents, adapted to the different profiles of the electoral staff.

Publication et Gestion de la Formation en Ligne

Online training published and assigned upstream and reminder on polling day. Administrative support, real-time information on completion of training and publication of reports.

Évaluation Post-Électorale de la Formation

In-depth evaluation of the training cycle to identify areas for improvement of content, channels and accessibility.



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