Election Night Reporting

Present online and in real time the election results to election officials and citizens through an efficient, user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface.

With scalable infrastructure eliminating the risk of application disruption during busy periods, Scytl Election Night Reporting streamlines the distribution of election night results and produces downloadable reports. This tool helps to increase communication with the public while eliminating the need for IT staff to publish election results online. This tool offers maps and graphs illustrating voter turnout, totals by vote type, as well as polling station results to citizens, media, candidates, etc.

In addition, Scytl Election Night Reporting implements the security protocols necessary to ensure the integrity of the data provided and published by the electoral commission.

Comment Fonctionne Election Night Reporting


Definition and configuration of the types of data to be made available to citizens before and after the election.

Préparation et Transmission

Preparation of electoral results validated by the electoral commission that will be encrypted, signed and transmitted through a secure channel.

Rapports et Visualisation

Reporting and publication of election results on the Internet to enable citizens and media to view them in real time and exploit the results.



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