Results Consolidation

Provides election organizations with the tools to collect and aggregate election results quickly, securely and more accurately, increasing election efficiencies, transparency, integrity and auditability.

Scytl Results Consolidation securely collects and aggregates data electronically from all polling places in an election. Thousands of election staff can securely update and transmit the results from all precincts and voting channels on a local, regional, national and international level in a short period of time. This significantly speeds up the counting and tabulation process, consolidating the results from different voting channels quickly and accurately, and publishing results in hours rather than days.

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How Results Consolidation Works

Tabulation, Digitalization and Counting

Results reports (manual, digital, ICR scan, etc.) from each polling station or regional polling stations are digitalized, digitally signed and securely transmitted for counting.

Compilation, Validation and Consistency

Once results reports are received, they are validated to ensure the integrity of each polling station report results via OCR and manual entry processes to ensure the results match and include them in the consolidation process or via DRE (electronic tally systems).

Tallying via Election Keys

Once election results reports are validated for data integrity, privacy and anonymity, the electoral board can proceed with the final electoral tally and election seat allocation.


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