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Scytl Voter Registration is a web-based system for securely capturing and accurately assessing information obtained from citizens who wish to register to vote. Voter information can be obtained through online voter registration applications or through traditional paper-based forms.

Scytl Voter Registration works seamlessly with existing voter lists and includes features such as authentication, removal of duplicate entries, and validation of registrants. Scytl’s voter registration system integrates easily with Scytl Voter List Management and third- party electronic voting lists. Ensure voter lists are produced to the high standard required by electoral commissions with Scytl Voter Registration.

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Increase Voter Registration Efficiency
Scytl Voter Registration processes large amounts of data and validates the data against various existing databases. Speed of processing is increased and the number of staff required to process data is reduced. Election officers are guided through an intuitive and multi-language interface which reduces paperwork and errors that are typically committed via manual processing.

Enhance Registration Performance
Scytl’s secure online voter registration system is used for elections of all sizes and accepts thousands of simultaneous connections in a short period of time. Scytl Voter Registration captures and accurately assesses information obtained from voters registering to vote. Because of the sensitive nature of the information, Scytl Voter Registration also includes several security protocols such as data segregation and “dual login” which ensure the data is protected.

Easy Electronic Voter Registration
People can register to vote from any location with an Internet connection. Scytl Voter Registration is compatible with all standard web browsers and operating systems. The electronic voter registration process is simple and intuitive, so people with all levels of computer proficiency can follow it. Whether voters register from their homes, registration centers, or mobile registration stations, the process is quick and easy.

Manage Voter Registration
Scytl Voter Registration helps election authorities efficiently manage continuous or temporary voter registration processes. Election authorities are able to securely register new voters, update voter data, or supply voter information to election officials.

Support Multiple Registration Systems
Scytl’s registration product supports online and traditional paper-based voter registration systems as well as PKI, barcodes, and biometric data capture. No matter what voter registration system your election office uses, Scytl Voter Registration can be utilized to electronically capture and store voter registration information.

Customizable and Flexible
Scytl’s voter registration system accommodates a flexible workflow and the validation of data from various sources. Additionally, the data collected is easily associated with existing or new boundary information. Scytl Voter Registration is easy to customize and adapt to the specific needs of your election office.

Accessible Registration Interface
Each interface is designed with accessibility standards and usability guidelines in mind, so electronic voter registration can be utilized by all citizens. Scytl Voter Registration is intuitive and user-friendly, and supports a wide range of languages. Voters can easily switch between languages to register in the language in which he or she is most comfortable.

Data Protection
The data that voters provide to the Voter Registration System is personal and private and must be protected against unauthorized access or theft. This objective is achieved by implementing a Secure Application Architecture segregating the data in different servers and requesting security proof of authenticity to anyone trying to access the data. This ensures that only authorized user - and never an attacker even if successfully breaching the systems - are able to gather this personal data.

Dual Login
Scytl Voter Registration can be configured to request Electoral Officials for a “dual login” instead of simple login; in this way, the system is enforcing users to segregate tasks – i.e. two political parties’ representatives are required for specific actions.

Secure Workflows
The workflow model implemented by Voter Registration has been designed considering potential malicious activities or fraud attempts, in a way that the registration process cannot be accepted or rejected in an unauthorized manner.

Human-Robot Detection
Certain attackers create automated programs named robots to send invalid data to targeted systems. This result in collapsing the application and Electoral Officials with invalid requests they need to individually evaluate and distinguish from valid requests. These kinds of attacks are detected and prevented by requiring security proofs (i.e. Catpchas) – only in the case of an attack occurring.

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