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Scytl Social Media Monitoring provides electoral and political bodies a single view of all conversations relative to electoral issues, candidates, poll stations, voting and political scenarios, enabling them to turn this data into actionable information. The solution allows users to monitor opinions and keywords in social and online media outlets, providing real-time and right-time data via customizable queries and user friendly dashboards.

For details on Scytl Social Media Monitoring, the industry´s first and only online monitoring tool developed specifically to support both electoral bodies and political parties before during and after electoral processes, click the tabs below.

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Track and Monitor Conversations across the Web
Track conversation about topics on social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, news) and the rest of the web to find mentions of candidates, campaigns, determine the sentiment surrounding specific issues, find influential conversations, or to track a specific campaign.

Caters to the Specific Needs of Electoral Audiences
Electoral commissions can use Scytl Social Media Monitoring to, for example, spot election day incidents, solve potential issues, identify future election efficiencies, track social media electoral activity, monitor specific candidates.

Political Parties can leverage the solution to, amongst others, track social media activity, identify influence and influencers, spot key topics, measure online voice share, analyze, optimize and allocate online investments.

Web Application Delivered as a Services
Scytl Social Media Monitoring is a web based application offered as a service that provides multi-language support, customizable dashboards, a powerful query language, sophisticated and automated rules and intricate group definition.

Dashboards, the heart of Scytl Social Media Monitoring, are interactive reports that let you explore the data provided by your Data Sources and will present the mentions that match the search terms and key words in your Query. The dashboards are intuitive and user friendly and can be customized to present a summary  of mentions, the top sites, main authors, topics, human sentiment analysis (automatic and manual categorization) and charts and mention details.

The solution uses queries to identify web pages that mention a brand or topic. Queries are built in a similar way to Google searches, but often need to be more sophisticated in order to exclude irrelevant mentions that match the search criteria. A special Query Language made up of various Operators is used to specify exactly the words or phrases we are interested in.

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