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Scytl Election Training is a customizable online training solution that provides engaging and effective interactive learning. With staff located across broad geographical areas, electoral authorities always face a major challenge when planning and undertaking training. This typically includes managing a short schedule, providing training materials to personnel, and the elevated costs for printing and delivering.

All of these are just a few of the obstacles that elections authorities have to overcome. Scytl Election Training can help ease these burdens by delivering online poll worker training material that is engaging, comprehensive, and available from nearly any Internet-connected device.

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Engaging Interactive Online Learning
Most adults fall into one of three styles of learners: visual, auditory, or interactive. Scytl’s online training platform is designed with all learning styles in mind, ensuring each student receives consistent and tailored instruction. Scytl Election Training captures and retains the attention of every election trainee through the use of multimedia assets including video, voiceover, and interactive exercises.

Accessible and Standardized Online Training
By providing standardized training contents, Scytl’s platform allows election authorities to maximize their efficiency by ensuring that poll workers receive consistent and vetted training courses. In addition, it is accessible at any time and from any location with an Internet connection.

Cost-effective Election Training
By adding an online component to the training process and making manuals and election forms available online, election offices can avoid printing and distributing instructional material. Scytl Election Training supplements in-person training with web-based learning programs that reduces travel costs and instructional hours.

Monitoring Trainees at Each Stage
Monitor the progress of all trainees at each stage. Built-in reporting tools provide a clear view of each trainee’s utilization of the platform. Assessments provide measurements of information comprehension and the opportunity for additional education in areas of weakness.

Familiarizing Staff with Processes
Scytl’s online training tool provides customized online learning to your polling station workers, outlining voting equipment setup, polling place policies, and Election Day procedures. To assist in educating election workers, Scytl uses repeatable animated exercises empowering online learners to practice as often as they would like.

Multiple Training Curriculum Paths
Many jurisdictions are unique, requiring multiple training courses for various polling station worker duties. Scytl’s poll worker training is designed to administer multiple learning paths through each user’s unique username and password, providing job-specific content.

Tailored Content and Reports
Scytl Election Training features custom content and in-depth reports that provide tailored material and insight into the status of your training. Areas that have proven to be problematic in past elections can be practiced and reinforced ahead of Election Day to help minimize errors. Thorough reports enable you to identify users who may be struggling with the material and require additional support.

Custom Branding
Scytl Election Training can be custom tailored with branding and imagery specific to your locality, enhancing your web presence and fostering closer identification with your office.

Data Privacy
The security architecture and security controls implemented inside the training platform ensure the privacy of the data managed by Scytl’s training platform, ensuring that personal data, participation results, and training results are only accessible by those people authorized to access the data.

Web Security and Systems Hardening
All Scytl’s web applications have been securely developed in all phases of production, and then deployed on a hardened infrastructure. This process creates secure software that is free of vulnerabilities and cannot be exploited by external attackers or hackers.

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