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Scytl Election Observer is a web-based solution that manages the multiple facets of election observation, including features that enable you to register, qualify, and evaluate observer personnel. Using GPS technology, Scytl Election Observer can also be used for location monitoring and deployment on Election Day ensuring that remote locations are reached and obligations are met.

High quality election monitoring involves a flow of large quantities of information from many different sources.  Collection, aggregation, sorting, analysis, and use of this information requires tremendous human resources, time, and organization.  Reduce time spent and improve the quality of information collected with Scytl’s electoral observation system.

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Simplify the Observation Process
Election monitoring is an exercise as large and complex as elections themselves.  Elections are monitored by international organizations, foreign bi-lateral observers, domestic non-partisan observers, individual NGOs and other organizations, and the participants of the elections themselves. Through the automation of a number of tasks in the process of election observation, this complex undertaking can be streamlined and simplified.

Modular Observation System
Scytl Election Observer is a modular solution.  Organizations can choose what modules best suit their budget and requirements, making the electoral observation system customizable to any group’s needs. Modules include reporting and report consolidation, management of Election Day data, observer deployment, legal information collection and analysis, training monitoring, and others. All tailored to the individual needs of election monitors.

Safety and Security
Scytl Election Observer ensures both the integrity and safety of data keeping it secure from external interference.

Real-time Observer Communication
Scytl Election Observer provides real-time on-the-go support to monitors. This product also provides observers with the ability to consult definitions of questions in the field, thus providing more consistent results from all monitors. Our election observation system enables monitoring organizations to quickly adapt and react to events on Election Day as well as streamline the collection and analysis of reports as they come in.

SMS and Internet Communications
Scytl Election Observer enables groups to use SMS and Internet for communicating data .  The user interface is the same whether Internet or SMS is used. Both modes of communication allow for complex form data to be translated and shared.

Observation Reports Consolidation
Election observers begin their work long before Election Day. Efforts include looking at the candidate registrations, legal framework, media situation, work of the election authority, and the campaign environment. On Election Day, observers monitor the opening of polling stations, the voting process, and the counting and tabulation of results. After Election Day, observers often remain to monitor how issues and complaints are dealt with by the election authority. Scytl Election Observer enables the findings and reports of all observers to be consolidated and analyzed quickly, securely, and in a single environment.

System Compatibility
Scytl Election Observer’s information collection module is compatible with commonly used mobile platforms, such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. This electoral observation system is easily customizable and allows for the addition of modules and plug-ins for expanded operations as needed.

Role Based Access Control
Scytl Election Observer implements a secure authentication protocol, and a role based access model which ensures that users are granted access only to the areas and features they are authorized to manage.

Data Integrity
All election configuration data is protected by means of advanced cryptographic protocols based on digital signatures. Any unauthorized modification or tampering attempt to election configuration data is detected.

Security Integration
Scytl Election Observer integrates information from different sources and applications while ensuring data integrity and authenticity; no security issues or attacks can tamper with the data from Election Observer.

Web Security and Systems Hardening
All of Scytl’s web applications have been securely developed in all phases of production, and then deployed on a hardened infrastructure. This process creates secure software that is free of vulnerabilities and cannot be exploited by external attackers or hackers.

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