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Scytl Election Finance is a web-based election campaign finance reporting software that enables election offices to enter campaign contributions, expenditures, and fund transfers quickly and easily. After data is entered, it is automatically placed in the appropriate election campaign finance forms online.

Scytl Election Finance gives election officers the ability to provide complete disclosure of election campaign finance data with minimal administration, reducing the time spent by election staff fulfilling public information requests, making copies, and assisting with research of historical finance data. Reduce phone calls and inquiries for election campaign finance data with Scytl Election Finance.

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Improved Campaign Finance Process
Scytl Election Finance is one hundred percent web-based and available in multiple languages, making it extremely accessible for anyone. This simple yet powerful system was designed to make the organization and filing of transactions much faster and more efficient by automatically placing data into the appropriate campaign finance forms online.  Reduce the time spent reviewing election campaign finance data for simple calculating errors and omissions.

Intuitive Election Finance Platform
Scytl Election Finance is an intuitive platform that makes accessing campaign finance data hassle free and straightforward. All election campaign finance reports are searchable and enable custom date filtering, providing you the ability to find the information needed quickly and accurately. Streamline your access to crucial finance data with Scytl Election Finance.

Increased Transparency
By facilitating public access to election campaign finance data, Scytl Election Finance provides a greater level of transparency to election offices which fosters accountability and public confidence. The system comes standard with the capability to be accessed from any computer with Internet access. There is no software to install, and all information is readily available.

Efficient Online Interface
Scytl Election Finance provides an intuitive and efficient online interface for voters, media, candidates, political parties, and committees to search for election campaign finance data and creates custom searches unique to each visitor. This election campaign finance reporting product alleviates time spent fulfilling public information requests and minimizes the disruption to your staff’s day-to-day efforts.

Graphical Presentation of Data
Scytl Election Finance utilizes graphics and interactive features to engage web visitors and make it simple to find the information they are looking for. Make your campaign finance data more accessible to your visitors using Scytl Election Finance.

Simplified Administration
Election offices can enter campaign contributions, expenditures, and fund transfers quickly and easily using Scytl Election Finance. After data is entered, it is automatically placed in the appropriate campaign finance forms online.

Enhanced Database Search Capabilities
Scytl Election Finance enhances database search functionalities by providing a simplified web interface and full access to data for candidates, political parties, committees, and other entities that are required to submit campaign finance disclosure information. Reduce the time spent on answering requests by utilizing the enhanced database search capabilities of Scytl Election Finance.

Secure Workflow
The workflow model implemented in the Scytl Election Finance product has been designed considering potential human errors, malicious activities, or fraud attempts. Financial operations registered in the system track all operations to ensure there is no way for mistakes, unauthorized imbalances, or fraud to occur.

Scytl products and applications use a proprietary technology named “Immutable logs” which prevents log files from being modified. Immutable logs are cryptographically protected through a patented technology to ensure it is not possible to tamper with them. This technology combines cryptographic HMAC techniques, digital signatures, random and temporary cryptographic secret keys, and short-time checkpoints to create a secure chain of logs that can be verified by an auditor.

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