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Scytl Election Configuration allows users to configure all of the different aspects of an election through a single web-based platform. Using this product you can generate ballots, manage candidate and party information, manage and assign poll workers, and maintain polling place and voter lists.

A single point of configuration means less time spent learning and navigating through multiple platforms to accomplish basic tasks. Additionally, having all election configuration components accessible through one application means less variation in security protocols and procedures. Organize and consolidate your election tasks with Scytl Election Configuration.

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Web-Based Configuration Product
Scytl Election Configuration is 100% web-based and available in multiple languages. It is delivered as a hosted solution, so all hardware and software is Scytl’s responsibility and not an additional burden on your resources.

Configuring Elections from a Single Place
Scytl’s product enables you to easily manage your election configuration tasks from a single platform. Several ballot styles are available for configuration including lists, candidates, referenda, FPTP, multiple or ranked choice, write-in, and preferential. Additionally, Scytl Election Configuration includes features to manage and update candidate and party information and keep voter and polling place lists up-to-date and accurate.

Secure and Flexible System
The system’s architecture provides for the optional integration of functionalities like audio support and the configuration of simultaneous elections. In addition, the platform can be integrated with different data sources and legacy systems. Scytl Election Configuration complies with international election security requirements guaranteeing that all data remains secure.

Candidate and Political Party Management
Scytl Election Configuration manages all of the aspects related to candidates, including their electoral platform, approval and incorporation on the ballots, and campaign finance reporting.

Ballot Configuration and Generation
Scytl Election Configuration supports the configuration and generation of ballots electronically, including the layout and design. This includes the date of elections, names of political parties, coalitions, and independent candidates, as well as instructions on how to accurately mark the ballots.

Polling Place and Voter List Management
Using Scytl’s platform, constituencies may be defined and the location of polling stations identified for better logistical organization and to generate electoral rolls. Set up the geographical area corresponding to each electoral constituency and polling station, enabling better management of the logistics and generation of voter lists.

Polling Worker Management
Scytl Election Configuration enables election offices to organize teams of polling station workers, assign them to different polling places, coordinate payments, and record any Election Day issues or comments.

Data Authentication
Scytl Election Configuration requires that the election administration board import configuration data into the platform. This process is protected cryptographically by means of a Cryptographic Secret Sharing Scheme which requires a minimum number of members from the Administration Board be present when the election configuration is imported.

Data Integrity
Election configuration data is protected by means of advanced cryptographic protocols based on digital signatures. Using this technology, any attempt to modify or tamper with the election configuration data will be detected and reported.

Scytl products and applications use a proprietary technology named “Immutable logs” which prevents log files from being modified. Immutable logs are cryptographically protected through a patented technology to ensure it is not possible for these to be tampered with. This technology combines cryptographic HMAC techniques, digital signatures, random and temporary cryptographic secret keys, and short-time checkpoints to create a secure chain of logs that can be verified by an auditor.

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