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Scytl Control Dashboard is the central hub around which all other Scytl products and their data are aggregated. Its primary function is to provide a graphical overview of the entire election configuration, enabling electoral bodies to easily view the state of the election. All data is updated in real-time so support can be provided as needed. Using this product significantly simplifies staff and location management, task planning and assignment, asset management, and election support.

Scytl Control Dashboard is designed to allow electoral authorities to easily manage and monitor electoral processes, providing them with a clear vision into the health of the election organization. To learn more about Scytl Control Dashboard, click the tabs below.

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Dashboard Designed for Elections
Scytl Control Dashboard is the only election-specific and inclusive project planning and data aggregation software on the market. It allows election authorities to efficiently manage and monitor their elections from planning through to evaluation using a graphical display of the high-level status of all election processes.

Greater Control and Efficiency
Scytl Control Dashboard simplifies issue detection by automating issue escalation and alerts, which helps avoid expensive mistakes. In addition, thanks to its graphical display of critical information, the platform allows all staff to instantly verify all checkpoints are ready before the opening of an election.

Customized to Fit Your Needs
Election authorities vary widely across the globe. Voting equipment, Election Day processes, and election laws are just a few of the varied elements that must be managed. Scytl Control Dashboard is customized for each customer to ensure the tool is an extension of their needs. This customization leads directly to a higher percentage of first call resolutions while drastically reducing average issue call time.

Monitoring Staff Workload
Scytl Control Dashboard provides election authorities real-time visibility of the progress of any task or process related to an election with thorough reporting and tracking capabilities.

All-in-one Solution
Scytl Control Dashboard is an all-in-one solution that enables election authorities to significantly simplify and improve their organizational processes, such as staffing and location management, tasking assignments, asset management, and election support and issue reporting.

Real-time Information
All information fed to the Scytl Control Dashboard is used to populate the operations center (or dashboard), which provides the electoral authorities with an accurate and transparent picture of the overall status of the election process, including asset and election staff location. This picture is updated in real-time as events happen in the field. Officials know when and where supplies are low, which polling locations are experiencing difficulties, and if voting equipment was programmed correctly and is performing as needed.

Knowledge Base Integration
The solution module can integrate with and leverage the online content of Scytl Election Training providing support staff and poll workers with easy access to field technicians, election staff, and election equipment issues. This web-based tool enables support staff to find answers on-the-fly without having to search elsewhere.

Role Based Access Control
Scytl Control Dashboard implements a secure authentication protocol, and a role based access model which ensures that users are granted access to the areas and features they are authorized to manage.

Security Integrations
Scytl Control Dashboard integrates information from different sources and applications while ensuring data integrity and authenticity; no security issues or attacks can tamper with the data from Control Dashboard.

Web Security and Systems Hardening
All of Scytl’s web applications have been securely developed in all phases of production, and then deployed on a hardened infrastructure. This process creates secure software that is free of vulnerabilities and cannot be exploited by external attackers or hackers.

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