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Scytl Session Management is an in-chamber platform that combines a session management system with a vote automation solution. These tools boost the efficiency and effectiveness of parliamentary sessions by reducing time spent on issues like managing agenda items, requests to speak, and collecting votes.

Session Management has been engineered with speed and adaptability in mind. The voting utility supports response times under one second, even for chambers with more than three hundred members. Additionally, Session Management is regularly updated  to operate with the latest technologies and hardware components, such as touch screens, biometrics, and audio systems.

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Flexible Session Management
Scytl Session Management is designed to be easily adapted and customized to comply with the specific needs of our customers. This flexibility is not limited to just the workflow, but also applies to the hardware used by the parliament such as audio, video, and authentication components.

Comprehensive Tools
Session Management includes all the functionalities required for managing session and voting processes, from agenda items to votes. Attendance control, the audio and video systems, request to speak functionality, and identification of the members of the session can all be configured, controlled, and managed from a single interface, available on the chairperson and table staff’s terminals.

Intuitive Design
Scytl Session Management is designed with user-friendliness in mind throughout all its interfaces. All software interfaces are graphical and very easy to understand and use. Most administration actions require just one click or touch of the finger. This enables parliamentarians to operate the whole session and the voting system from one terminal after initial training.

Clerk Interface
The clerk’s interface provides tools to control the entire parliamentary session. Features include electronic designation of seats, agenda setup, as well as selection of the voting method. During the session, clerks can control the attendance list, handle requests-to-speak, and manage e-voting sessions. At the close of the session, the interface can automatically generate reports such as attendance, individual vote results, and end-of-session reports.

Members of Parliament’s Interface
The MPs’ interface is equipped with an authentication system that can be based on biometrics, smartcards, or PIN codes. The interface is composed of two modules: a microphone and a voting system that enables MP’s to vote and request permission to speak.

In-Chamber Display Screen and Webcasting
Thanks to Scytl’s in-chamber display system, the agenda, debate information, and voting results can be displayed on a screen located in the parliament. In addition, the chamber camera link enables live or differed broadcasting of debates over the Internet for public view.

Remote Voting
Scytl provides a secure and reliable Internet voting platform for remote voting in instances where representatives cannot be physically present in the chamber during voting sessions. This system is useful for voting from committee rooms or during an officially sanctioned absence.

Secure Identification
Scytl’s solution for session management implements different authentication mechanisms and can be integrated with third-party solutions. It has been successfully integrated with a secure biometric identification system based on fingerprint recognition to authenticate members of the parliament.

Results Integrity
The electronic voting solution for parliaments and assemblies stores the votes in a way that they cannot be modified. The integrity of the results is protected by safe-guarding the stored votes and the integrity of individual votes can be verified by voters when the votes are cast.

Secure Remote Electronic Voting
Scytl Session Management can be integrated with Scytl’s online voting solution, which protects the privacy, integrity, accuracy, transparency, and auditability of the voting process.

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