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Scytl’s eDemocracy Portal is a voter outreach tool that leverages pioneering technology to connect citizens with one another and their elected representatives. By accompanying traditional practices with the intelligent use of technology, governments and their institutions can easily, securely, and transparently consult with their citizens on an infinite variety of topics and issues at an affordable cost.

Scytl eDemocracy Portal nurtures full citizen participation by providing the tools for positive dialogue between diverse population groups, political parties, and public institutions. Give people a voice in their future and the decision-making process with Scytl eDemocracy Portal.

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Facilitating the Decision-Making Process
Scytl eDemocracy Platform includes several functionalities to facilitate the decision making process. The platform includes information sources and tools such as data mining, data classification by subject, geographical location, originating entity, and date of creation. Once a decision is made, it can be recorded into the system along with its rationale for follow up and public dissemination.

Assessing Project Impacts
Scytl eDemocracy Portal enables institutions to easily keep track of on-going projects and assess their impact based on objective factors such as pre-defined quantifiable goals like milestones and budget, and subjective factors such as stakeholder perception, population acceptance, targeted population satisfaction, and project objective. All of the information is organized and classified in a way that facilitates its future use when making similar decisions.

Disseminating Project Results
Scytl eDemocracy Portal greatly assists institutions in the process of communicating decisions to the stakeholders involved. Multiple options and tools for the dissemination and publicity of decisions and results are included. Mobile phones, web interfaces, field agents, telephone calls, conventional media, and other channels available in the region can be used for broadcasting results.

eParticipation Portal
Scytl eParticipation is a web-based portal that gives citizens the tools to interact with one another online, discuss topics in forums or blogs, and participate in surveys and petitions. By expanding the role that citizens play in institutional decision making, Scytl increases their feeling of self-fulfillment, engagement, enfranchisement, and equal standing, while legitimizing future political actions.
Scytl employs eConsultations where citizens express their opinion in a binding and secure process that can be accessed either remotely through the Internet, over the phone, via SMS/text or on-site through voting kiosks. By viewing the topics that directly affect their citizens, governments and their institutions can adapt their political agenda and decision making accordingly, representing a major step forward in bringing institutions closer to their citizens and ensuring more effective communication.

Dissemination of Results and Information
Included in Scytl eDemocracy are tools for the dissemination of information, such as the decisions made by local authorities and its rationale. Additionally, information for third parties, such as donors can be easily broadcast. This enables easy follow-up on when and how the budgets are being invested.

Results Integrity
One of the critical security features offered by Scytl’s online voting systems is digitally signing the ballot on the voter’s device (computer, smartphone or tablet computer) before it is transmitted to the digital ballot box server to be stored. This prevents anyone, including system administrators, from modifying the voter’s selection and jeopardizing the election results.

Scytl’s Internet voting solution can be audited by independent experts before, during, and after the voting day. Scytl’s technology has been audited by independent experts that have consistently found its security and technology to be accurate and reliable. These organizations include the Florida Department of State, the Center for Advanced Security Research, the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology, the French Security Agency, Fribourg University in Switzerland, and Trondheim University in Norway. Scytl’s Internet voting solution provides “individual verifiability” features to allow citizens to verify the cast opinions have been recorded and counted as intended.

Voter Privacy
End-to-end data encryption ensures the secrecy of both voter identity and voting preference. Votes are encrypted in the voters’ device before they are cast and can only be decrypted by the Electoral Board. By the time votes are being deciphered, the separation and shuffling of the voter’s information from his or her actual vote ensures complete vote anonymity.

Immutable Logs
Scytl's proprietary technology named “Immutable logs” prevents log files from being modified. Immutable logs are cryptographically protected via a patented technology ensuring it is not possible for these to be tampered with. This technology combines cryptographic HMAC techniques, digital signatures, random and temporary cryptographic secret keys, and short-time checkpoints to create a secure chain of logs that can be verified by an auditor.

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