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Scytl eConsultations is a solution designed for gathering citizen input about issues that affect their community. An eConsultation enables public bodies to make decisions by taking into account the opinion of its citizens. This is possible by leveraging the unique security measures that Scytl’s online voting technology provides.

By directly engaging their citizens on the issues that affect them, governments and their institutions can adapt their political agenda and decision making accordingly, representing a major step forward in bringing institutions closer to their citizens and ensuring more effective communication.

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Leverages Scytl’s Online Voting Security
Scytl eConsultations uses the same security technology as our online voting solution which has undergone rigorous testing and has been certified by twelve countries and employed in numerous elections.

Control of the Consultation Process
Similar to paper-based eConsultation processes, the control of the electronic consulting process remains exclusively in the hands of the eConsultation Board. No staff member has access to the keys required to see or modify the opinions cast by the citizens unless permissions are granted.

Experience in Running eConsultations
Having executed dozens of eConsultations for governments all around the world, Scytl is your trusted partner for eDemocracy processes. Scytl eConsultations system has been deployed in several locations, including Madrid, Edmonton, Mexico, and Barcelona.

Complementary to the eParticipation Portal
The eConsultations system can be used alone or coupled with Scytl’s eParticipation portal, thus offering a full range of e-democracy tools to facilitate the interaction with your citizens.

Intuitive Design
Reproduce a similar user-experience when running the consultation using paper, allowing computer-illiterate citizens to participate without training.

Platform Flexibility
Scytl eConsultations can be adapted to any type of question type and supports multiple languages. Scytl has provided solutions in Russian, Gujarati, Arabic, Mandarin, and Tagalog. Furthermore, it can be easily coupled with Scytl’s eParticipation portal.

Citizen Self-Verification
Citizens are provided with a receipt that contains a unique identifier that enables them to check that their opinions have reached the eConsultations Board and been counted. The random nature of Scytl’s receipt impedes the disclosure of the options selected by the citizen, preventing any attempt of coercion or opinion selling.

Adapted to the Blind and Visually Impaired
Scytl takes into account the specific needs of citizens with disabilities and enables them to participate in eConsultation processes without assistance, fully guaranteeing their privacy. Scytl can provide Electoral Authorities with several zoom and contrast options on screens, audio ballot instructions, and the use of Braille keyboards.

Available on Google Android, Apple iOS and Blackberry
Scytl’s online voting encryption technology is compatible with Google Android™, Blackberry, and Apple® iOS devices, offering the same security levels as its computer-based version. By encrypting the opinion on the citizen’s device before it is cast, Scytl is the only provider able to guarantee end-to-end security from the citizen to the final tally.

Results Integrity
One of the critical security features offered by Scytl’s online voting systems is digitally signing the selected options on the citizen’s device (computer, smartphone or tablet computer) before it is transmitted to the digital ballot box server to be stored..This prevents anyone, including system administrators, from modifying the citizen’s selection and jeopardizing the eConsultation results.

Scytl’s Internet voting solution can be audited by independent experts before, during, and after the voting day. Scytl’s technology has already been audited by independent international organizations and academic experts in the field of election administration that have consistently found its security and technology to be accurate and reliable. These organizations include the Florida Department of State, the Center for Advanced Security Research, the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology, the French Security Agency, Fribourg University in Switzerland, and Trondheim University in Norway. Furthermore, Scytl’s Internet voting solution provides “individual verifiability” features to allow citizens verifying the cast opinions have been recorded and counted as intended.

Citizen Privacy
End-to-end data encryption ensures the secrecy of both citizen identity and his or her preferences in the e-consultation at all times. The selected options are encrypted in the citizens’ voting device before they are cast and only the eConsultations Board can decrypt them. By the time the cast opinions are being deciphered, the separation and shuffling of the citizen’s information from his or her actual selections ensure complete anonymity of their opinion.

Immutable Logs
Scytl products and applications use a proprietary technology named “Immutable logs” which prevents log files from being modified. Immutable logs are cryptographically protected through a patented technology to ensure it is not possible for these to be tampered with. This technology combines cryptographic HMAC techniques, digital signatures, random and temporary cryptographic secret keys, and short-time checkpoints to create a secure chain of logs that can be verified by an auditor.

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