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Scytl Phone Voting is a voting system that enables citizens to vote through a standard or mobile phone privately and independently at the polling place or from home. This telephone voting system is designed to provide alternatives to absentee voting and improve the voting experience for disabled voters and those with language difficulties.

For those living in remote areas where there is minimal or no Internet connectivity, Scytl has developed a telephone voting system that enables any voter to cast their vote privately with a standard land line or mobile phone. To learn more about Scytl Phone Voting, click the tabs below.

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Cost-effective Voting Option
By reducing the logistics and related costs required to provide an accessible voting mechanism to all polling places Scytl Phone Voting provides a less expensive solution than conventional voting systems. It is also a more cost-efficient option than traditional absentee or vote-by-mail voting methods.

Multichannel Voting
Scytl Phone Voting can be easily coupled with Scytl Online Voting or third-party voting systems to provide multiple voting channels in parallel. This ensures only a single ballot is cast per voter regardless of the voting channels utilized.

Enfranchising Voters through Technology
Scytl Phone Voting is designed to enable illiterate voters or voters with disabilities to vote privately and independently at the polling place or from their home. In addition, telephone voting provides an effective alternative to absentee voting as it allows voters in rural areas with minimal Internet connectivity or no computer access to vote.

Voter Validation
Scytl Phone Voting provides voters with a special “counted-as-cast” receipt that informs the voter that his or her ballot was properly recorded by the system. After counting is complete, the receipt can be used to validate whether the cast ballot was included in the final count. This is a patented and powerful feature of Scytl’s phone voting technology.

Clear Audio Instructions
Scytl Phone Voting provides clear audio instructions to voters, making it extremely simple for them to vote, even in the case of complicated ballots where there are large numbers of candidates or issues that are ordered preferentially. Scytl’s phone voting system easily adapts to local pronunciations so that candidates’ names do not get confused. It also supports other advanced features like volume and speed control.

Ease of Voting by Phone
To cast ballots using Scytl Phone Voting, voters use the telephone keypad to make selections one contest at a time. Voters can skip any contest they are not interested in, but once reaching the end of the ballot, they will be informed of any undervoted contest and be given the opportunity to review and revote prior to casting their ballot. Scytl’s phone voting platform takes into consideration usability guidelines to facilitate the voting process and, if required, will provide voter training before the election over a toll-free telephone line.

Control of the Voting Process
Similarly to paper-based elections, the control of the phone voting process remains exclusively in the hands of the Electoral Board. System administrators or any other officials with privileges in the system cannot see or modify the votes.

Voter Privacy
Similarly to online voting, Scytl uses advanced encryption security to guarantee voter privacy and election results integrity. Once the voter confirms his or her voting option, the vote is individually protected using a specific cryptographic protocol, and then is safely stored in the ballot box. In the case of polling place voting, the same telephone can be used to cast different ballots from different voters. The solution does not allow reusing any data and information from a previous cast vote on the same telephone.

Gaining Voters’ Confidence
Similarly to online voting, the voter will obtain a special “counted-as-cast” receipt that tells the voter that his ballot was recorded by the system. After the counting is complete it can also be used by the voter to validate whether the cast ballot was included in the final count.

Scytl Phone Voting can be audited by independent experts before, during, and after the Election Day. Additionally, similarly to Internet voting, the phone voting system implements a proprietary technology named “Immutable logs” for registering all activities performed at the voting platform, which employs advanced cryptographic mechanisms preventing log file modification.

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