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Scytl Paper Voting is a product that pairs traditional paper ballots with modern optical scanning technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the ballot count. Ballots can be scanned in each polling station or in a central location depending on the individual needs of the customer.

Scytl partners with various industry experts to provide the best solution to meet your ballot scanning requirements. Features like overvote and undervote detection ensure common ballot issues are addressed and corrected quickly and minimizes questions regarding a voter’s intention. Make your precinct ballot scanning more accurate and efficient with Scytl Paper Voting.

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Ballot Scanning Efficiency
Scytl Paper Voting gives election authorities the capability to continue using their existing paper- based ballot processes while also adopting the industry technology best suited to their needs for scanning ballots accurately and efficiently. This enables election offices to speed up their counting process while improving the accuracy of the published results, reducing human errors as well as the number of staff required to process votes.

Increased Transparency
Scytl’s optical scanning tools are fully auditable for enhanced transparency. A full audit trail is produced at every stage of the voting process which can be audited by third parties. The optical scanner only records the vote and deposits the ballot into a locked ballot box. The paper ballot remains the official record of the vote.

Tradition Remains
Scytl Paper Voting allows for the option of only implementing the technology in the back office exists, so that voters can still perform the same familiar process at the polling station, maintaining confidence in the voting process. In addition, Scytl Paper Voting can integrate with other voting channels such as remote or telephone voting.

Tailored Voting Solutions
Scytl Paper Vote has been developed for our customers with flexibility in mind, offering the scanning technology that best suits their needs. Scytl works with various expert partners to provide the best solution for any ballot scanning or local legislative requirements.

Cost Savings Through Paper Balloting
Optical scanners can be implemented at either the precinct or central level, giving election officials the flexibility to introduce what best serves their needs and control costs in the process. Paper ballot systems can also save money at the polling place as they easily accommodate additional voters at low cost. If a precinct has an unexpectedly large turn-out, a single scanner can handle voters from multiple privacy booths and election districts.

Voting System Flexibility
Scytl’s scanning solutions apply to polling station and postal voting, allowing easy processing of complex and varied voting systems. Scytl Paper Voting is also compatible with Scytl eBallot Delivery’s barcode functionality.

Secure Integration
Scytl Paper Voting is a voting solution which uses secure interfaces to seamlessly integrate results with other third-party solutions. This is undertaken in such a sophisticated way that it is not possible for any malicious attacker to modify or add bogus results to the consolidation process. These protection mechanisms are implemented using advanced cryptographic algorithms like HMACs and digital signatures.

Results Availability
Scytl´s proven solution has been integrated repeatedly with different communication technologies, ensuring the availability of results, even those coming from isolated areas where technological resources are limited.

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