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Scytl eBallot Delivery is an innovative product for secure ballot delivery to remotely located voters. After completing absentee ballot requests, electors receive their ballots electronically, and are then able to return the marked ballots through mail, fax, or email.

Ballots can be marked on-screen through a secure marking utility that prevents common errors such as overvoting and undervoting. Users also have the option to print the ballots and mark them by hand. Voters can track the status of their ballots through custom voter receipts. Improve remote participation, reduce processing errors, and save time and money by using Scytl eBallot Delivery.

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Ballot Return Made Easy
Scytl eBallot Delivery provides an easy method for returning all material and pre-populated forms through postal mail, fax, or email. Complying with electoral laws, Scytl´s electronic balloting system can implement any delivery format. Ensure proper ballot return and allow for the tracking of election information by remote voters with Scytl eBallot Delivery.

Real-time Ballot Information
Scytl eBallot Delivery provides remotely located and overseas voters with the tools to track their ballots through the use of individual voter receipts. Additionally, election officials can communicate directly with the voter through a secure messaging service and access real-time voter statistics.

No More Absentee Ballot Remaking
Scytl eBallot Delivery includes a barcode feature that provides an automated conversion of returned ballots for optical scan tabulation. This feature results in significant cost and time savings in the processing of absentee ballots.

Improved Workflow and Support
Election officials are guided through a simple and intuitive interface. Online help and call center services also support them during the election period to solve any issues or problems that may arise.

Simple On-screen Marking Utility
Through Scytl’s secure and intuitive on-screen marking utility, remote and overseas voters can quickly and accurately mark their ballots. This prevents many common voter mistakes such as overvoting and undervoting which can increase results processing time. Secure on-screen ballot marking can be done using standard computers or tablets.

Intelligent Electronic Ballot Delivery
By drawing on voter registration information for ballot creation, Scytl eBallot Delivery ensures voters receive accurate ballots that correspond to their constituency. Voters receive only the contests for which they are eligible to participate in.

Detailed Information for Ballot Return
Scytl eBallot Delivery includes features for voters to print their ballots and other voting materials. This information, such as return address and delivery instructions, can be personalized by the voter prior to mailing the ballot and material.

A Secure Alternative to Internet Voting
Scytl eBallot Delivery enables election offices to securely deliver ballots electronically to remotely located and overseas voters. Ballots can be printed or marked online, and then returned by mail, fax, or email, depending on local legislation. Improve overseas participation, reduce processing errors, and save time and money by using Scytl eBallot Delivery.

Protect Voter Privacy
Scytl eBallot Delivery is the only solution in the market that truly protects the privacy of voters and the secrecy of intermediate results. Other solutions incorporate standard security measures, such as SSL communications, that do not completely address the specific privacy and security challenges posed by the online marking of ballots.

Data Masking
Scytl’s on-screen ballot marking utility implements a specialized masking protocol in the voter’s device that ensures that voters’ choices are never known by the online platform or by any third-party device, preventing system administrators or malicious attackers from violating voters’ privacy.

Ballot Choice Barcode
Scytl’s Ballot Choice Barcode (BCB) addresses the issue of duplicating ballots for election officials. The BCB provides an automated conversion of onscreen marked ballots into a 2D barcode, allowing the ballot to be returned via email, fax, or postal mail and quickly and accurately duplicated for tabulation by an optical scanner, without compromising the voter´s privacy.

Absentee Data Barcode
Scytl’s Absentee Data Barcode (ADB) addresses the issue of having to key voter data manually into a voter registration system from absentee ballot application requests which were completed online and printed for postal return with signature.
Election officials can quickly scan the ADB on the returned application into their voter registration system. ADB expedites both the inclusion of new overseas voter information into the list of registered voters and its accuracy while ensuring the integrity of country-specific rules for voter eligibility are adhered to. ADB utilizes a standard 2D handheld barcode scanner for processing received absentee voter envelopes and Election Markup Language (EML) which is a common data format endorsed by Governments.

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