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Scytl ePollBook is a ground-breaking solution that transforms the traditional electronic poll book concept into a comprehensive precinct management system.  In addition to expediting voter check-in and verification, Scytl ePollBook provides election officials with centralized management and real-time visibility into elections as they unfold.

Only Scytl ePollBook offers the enhanced functionality of the Scytl eDemocracy Platform. From a single dashboard election officials can manage poll book inventory, make last-minute changes and monitor election activities across poll sites.

Scytl ePollBook is ideal for use during both early voting periods and Election Day and at all types of polling locations, including vote centers or super precincts.

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Fast upload of voter files and last minute changes

Scytl ePollBook allows for wireless uploading of the latest voter information to all poll books simultaneously – in just minutes.

Real-time views of the election from a customizable dashboard

Scytl ePollBook enables election officials to monitor all activities that are important to them. They can see when supplies are running low, there is a slowdown in checking in voters or additional ePollBooks are needed. These emerging issues can be proactively resolved before they become real problems.

Reduce human errors and wait time

Eliminate the time, cost and manual mistakes associated with paper poll books. No matter what voting system your election office uses, ballot styles and precincts are accurately matched to every voter. This ensures that the correct ballot is issued every time. Scytl ePollBook also expedites voter check-in onsite, dramatically reducing wait times.

Support poll workers and voters with disabilities

Scytl ePollBook is designed with the disability community in mind. The color, contrast and text size of each screen makes it less tiring on the eyes for elections clerks who are working long hours throughout the day.

Ideal for vote centers or super precincts

Scytl ePollBook is perfect for traditional poll place voting as well as vote centers or super precincts and performs all the functions required for modern electronic poll books such as network syncing, ID compatibility, driver’s license, signature capture and more.

Data synchronization ensures voter information is always up-to-date

With Scytl ePollBook’s advanced data synchronization functionality, no matter where a voter chooses to vote during early voting or in an Election Day vote center, every voter’s status is always up-to-date with the latest voting history and available in every polling location.

Generate advanced reports during and after an election

From simple lists of those who voted to complex analyses of the best time to vote at each polling location, the Scytl ePollBook and eDemocracy Platform manage huge volumes of data produced by elections and ensure election officials get timely reports as needed.

Protect investment with hardware-independent application

Scytl ePollBook is hardware independent, so it can be deployed on Windows and Android tablets simultaneously. In addition, the application is easily transferrable to whatever hardware platform and operating system election officials choose, now and in the future. This minimizes the need for proprietary and expensive hardware or the need to update all hardware at one time

Data Encryption

Sensitive data regarding personal voter information or participation is strongly protected by a combination of cryptographic encryption methods and role-based access control mechanisms.

Data Integrity

Encrypting the communication channel further protects data integrity and privacy while it is exchanged between ePollBooks, ensuring that this information is not accessible by external agents.

Data Authenticity

Authenticity of data for configuration and the information collected by the ePollBooks is protected by cryptographic measures using certificates to ensure the data integrity and origin, as well as access control and procedural measures.

Data Auditability

Scytl products and applications use a proprietary technology named “Immutable logs” which prevents log files from being modified. Immutable logs are cryptographically protected through a patented technology to ensure it is not possible for these to be tampered with. This technology combines cryptographic HMAC techniques, digital signatures, random and temporary cryptographic secret keys, and short-time checkpoints to create a secure chain of logs that can be verified by an auditor.

Data Protection

By applying advanced cryptographic protocols, role-based access control methods and other security measures, election officials can be sure that voter records and election data are secure and protected. Even if a poll book device is lost or stolen, the data is protected from access by unauthorized persons and any breach of voter privacy.

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