Online Voting

An alternative voting channel to increase voter participation, reduce election costs while upholding the highest security, verifiability and integrity standards.

Scytl Online Voting enables voters to cast their vote privately and easily from any location and on any device with Internet access (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.), ensuring maximum election engagement by enabling remote and disabled voters to participate on equal terms.

Voter privacy, election integrity, end-to-end security, vote correctness and full verifiability (individual and universal) are guaranteed via advanced cryptographic protocols. This enables election officials to assure citizens that their votes remain cast-as-intended, recorded-as-cast and counted-as-recorded. In addition to the added accessibility and security, operational efficiencies result from significantly reduced costs and the delivery of more timely and accurate results.

To better cater the needs of private sector organizations, Scytl has developed Invote, a secure online voting solution for membership organizations and associations. Invote simplifies the whole election process and enables voter participation from anywhere and on any device through a transparent and convenient way of voting.

Invote online voting


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How Online Voting Works

Voting from Anywhere on Any Device

Once authenticated, voters access a user-friendly voting interface that ensures votes are encrypted before leaving the voter´s device guaranteeing voter privacy.

Ballot Box Recording and Verification

Without decrypting the votes, voting servers check their validity; ballot box integrity is verified via bulletin boards, digital signatures and mathematical proofs.

Voting Receipts

Voting receipts allow voters to check if the vote received by the voting server contains their selected options and that their vote entered the final tally.


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