Scytl Online Voting


Increase Voter Participation

Maximum participation by enabling remote and disabled citizens to vote from anywhere.
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Ensure Efficiency

Operational efficiencies resulting from significantly reduced costs of organizing, running and closing an election.
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Maximum Privacy

Improved security, privacy and auditability when compared to postal or proxy voting.

Who Online Voting Helps

Scytl OLV – Benefits – Voters


Scytl OLV – Benefits – Electoral Bodies

Electoral Bodies

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Remote Voting for a Traveling Society

When looking to participate in elections, voters are often unable to do so due to travel. Online voting provides a secure and private channel allowing citizens to participate on equal terms as those in country.


Election Efficiencies

Online voting clearly provides proven ROI when compared to alternative channels such as paper and postal voting. Electoral bodies realize budget savings thanks to reduction in production costs and election management efficiencies.


Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

For persons with disabilities, an innovative channel such as online voting is not only a convenience, it is a necessity. Online voting addresses the challenges and eliminates the barriers faced by the visually impaired and illiterate voters.

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Improved Accuracy

By reducing manual counting errors, election officials benefit from more accurate and timely results publication, integrity of votes cast and improved election auditability and credibility.

How Online Voting Works

Voter Authentication & Credentials

Online voting enables voter authentication via pre-existing or new voting authentication methods (digital certificates, password based credentials, etc.) Once authenticated, voter credentials are securely generated and delivered giving voters the means to verify that their vote has been cast-as-intended, recorded-as-cast and counted-as-recorded.


Once voters make and confirm their selections, votes are encrypted before leaving the voters’ device, ensuring they remain secret throughout the casting, transmission and tallying processes. For additional vote integrity, the encrypted votes are digitally signed on the voters’ device.

Ballot Box Recording & Verification

Once digitally signed and encrypted votes are cast in the ballot box, the voting servers check if the contents of the votes are valid without decrypting the votes or breaking vote secrecy. The integrity of the ballot box is verified by using the bulletin board, digital signatures and mathematical proofs of the votes providing evidence of the accuracy of the counting process and the accuracy of the results.

Mixing, Decryption & Tallying

After the election is closed, all the online votes are securely consolidated and transferred for “mixing” by the electoral organization. Votes are decrypted using a verifiable mix-net and secret sharing scheme. The “mixing” process breaks the correlation between encrypted votes & voters ensuring voter privacy when votes are decrypted and their content is tallied.

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