e-Election Platform

Scytl´s e-Election Platform provides a full end-to-end solution for secure electoral processes and voter management for political elections, referendums and eConsultations, universities, parliaments and assemblies, labor union elections, professional elections and shareholder meetings.

Our end-to-end platform covers the full election cycle from Pre-election to Election Day to Post-election with tailored functionality associated to the tasks required in each cycle. The benefits of a full solution ensure complete election management functionality with no gaps left untended to, simplified management and support, improved data integration and maximum security and transparency.

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Scytl e-Election Platform Architecture

Scytl´s robust architecture platform is comprised of the 3 key layers. Firstly a modular functionality layer allowing for specific products to be selected to cover current requirements and grow as needed. The platform then provides an integration layer with  seamless consolidation capacity not only with Scytl products but with third party hardware and software products and legacy systems  allowing for data and process integration and full visibility across election cycles. And finally the core layer that leverages a dynamic database for data integration, cleansing and de-duping; the reporting engine that provides access to dashboards providing a full view of the electoral cycle; and the security framework layer that provides embedded, leading industry security across the full electoral cycle.

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Scytl Security Layer

Scytl´s solutions incorporate unique election-specific cryptographic security technology – protected by more than 40 international patents and patent applications – ensuring maximum security, transparency and auditability in all types of elections. Based on advanced cryptography, Scytl´s security framework ensures end-to-end encryption for privacy and confidentiality, end-to-end security through digital signatures and end-to-end verifiability for scenarios such as cast as intended counted as cast, verifiable tallying, etc.

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