Candidate Management

Enables the submission, review and publication of political party and candidate electoral program information.

Scytl Candidate Management optimizes the complex process of political party and candidate information submission via streamlined and secure online processes, increasing the accuracy of candidate information collection and improved efficiency in the creation of election ballots.

Once political parties and candidates are registered and vetted, the electoral program information is published and made publicly available via secure websites. This allows citizens to access and download the specific electoral program information they desire, eliminating the need for printing, mailing, and recycling costs and a more accessible and sustainable electoral program distribution.

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How Candidate Management Works

Candidate Program Submission

Electoral programs are submitted via secure and authorized intranets.

Candidate Program Verification

Secure authentication and verification of eligible candidates with candidate information integrity ensured via immutable log technology.

Candidate Program Publication

Efficient, accessible and sustainable distribution of electoral program information via secure websites.


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