Scytl has received numerous international awards for its unique and innovative technology.

2015 Deutsch-Katalanischer Unternehmer Preis

Scytl was the proud recipient of the ‘Deutsch-Katalanischer Unternehmer Preis’ award organized by the Spanish firm HLB Bové Montero y Asociados, along with the companies LKC and Pedersen & Partners.

This award recognizes Scytl’s innovative strategy and entrepreneurial excellence, a company that exemplifies how an unequivocal technological focus is beneficial in terms of international competition and accelerated growth.

2019 Business Excellence Award

2015 & 2019 Zero Project Award

2017, 2016 & 2015 European Tech Tour Special Jury Award

2017 Best Innovator of the Year

2017 Best Start-up Award in Spain

2016, 2015 & 2014 European Business Awards National Champion

2015 Innovation and Transformation Award

2015 Innovation & Transformation Excellence Award

2015 Deutsch-Katalanischer Unternehmer Preis

2015 UAE National Election Committee Award

2014 Government Online Voting and Election Modernization Innovation and Leadership Award

2013 eGovernance award

2013 Longhorns Bully Award

2011 European Tech Tour

2011 eWorld Forum Award

Telegraph Tech Start-Up 100

2010 National Media Awards: Internet

2008 Barcelona City Award

European Venture Contest

Leaders of the ITech-Economy

Best case label – eGovernment Awards

SSD Highly Successful Project Award

Excellency in Technological Innovation Award

Red Herring 100 Europe

Global Innovator

ICT Prize

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